Networking Meetings

PNI provides regular structured networking events which allow you to form new relationships with like-minded professionals and grow each others businesses by mutual referrals.

Networking Breakfasts

The cornerstone of PNI is the weekly breakfast meeting. This meeting provides all members with a chance to give a brief overview of their business and advise what type of leads they are looking for. One member will give an extended presentation of their business to give members a greater understanding of what they do, the more members understand your business the easier it is for them to refer you!

*note that meetings are dark once a month for board meetings and when preceeded by a public holiday.

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The big benefit I have derived from our group is not just the direct referrals from members but the referrals I received from those referrals. This set in motion organic growth of my business which is the only method of growth for my business.

I can conservatively say that somewhere around $140,000 to $150,000 of business revenue has been influenced by PNI.

Dug Wright
Duglas Wright & Co

Dining With Professionals

Held monthly Dining with Professionals is an informal networking luncheon where members can relax and get to know each other better over drinks and food. Our social activites help members to develop relationships that allow them to grow personally as well as professionally.

Seasonal Mixers

Its not all work at PNI. Seasonal mixers are held throughout the year where members can bring friends and family to socialize with their fellow members. The two most popular events are of course the Christmas Party and the Summer Beach BBQ.

Professional Education

Guest speakers provide free education sessions to help businesses improve performance. Open to members and non-members.

Upcoming Networking Events

Meetings currently suspended due to Coronavirus.